Marble me this

The marble look is showing up more this autumn seen on mostly tops & accessories. Great to wear together with a leather biker jacket!

Marble Print 5 Panel Cap

Marble print 5 panel cap – 14 EURO (


Image 1 of American Apparel Marble Print T-Shirt With Varsity Print

Americal Apparel – Marbe print with varsity look t-shirt – 417.38 SEK(


Topman marble printed oversize t-shirt – 18£ – (

Tee’s with sublimation prints

Sublimation printing technique have been growing and exploding and are now shown by most brands. We have picked three neat ones from

YOUR TURN t-shirt  with varsity look – 179 SEK (


Tom tailor t-shirt with statement and sublimation print and holdup sleeves  - 229 SEK (


Religion t-shirt with babe – 499 SEK (


Autumn biker jackets

High summer is at it’s peak and autumn is closing in. A lot of the stores are finishing off thesales and the shops are finally getting more bits and pieces of the autumn collection in.

A must have for this autumn is a biker look jacket. We have selected some of our favorite ones with focus on different styling a material mix.



BLK DNM Biker leather jacket – 5595 SEK (


Kay Michael biker jacket with quilt – 3995 SEK (

Selected Homme Biker jacket with fabric blocking of wool & leather – 1595 (



Site Launch

Our Goal
At our goal is to make our visitors become secure and inspired fashion consumers. We will keep our visitors up to date with the key male trends in Scandinavia. Our focus area is the textile industry and we will cover both cheaper brands and the more expensive high end brands.

The journey has just begun we are looking forward to inspire you!